Stick & Puck

Stick & Puck is Public Hockey where players of all ages can practice.  The ice surface is divided based on ages and skill levels.  Four nets are provided. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PUCK(S)!!!

Full gear is required for all youth hockey players.

Skates, helmets, gloves, shin-pads and elbow pads are required for adult players.

No scrimmage play is allowed.


  • GA Youth        $10.50
  • WSHC Youth  $8.50
  • GA Adult         $12.50
  • Adult BIC        $10.50
  • Private Coach  $8.00 per lesson (Private Coaches must have ISI coaching insurance and signed contract with Bremerton Ice Center.) For more information contact Penny DelBarto at (360) 479-7465