Hockey Development Program (HDP)

Spring Session 1: March 12th – April 9th, 2019
Spring Session 2: April 16th – May 14th, 2019

HDP 1 Beginner Level: 5:45-6:15
HDP 1 Intermediate Level: 6:15-6:45
HDP 2-5 Levels: 5:45-6:45

  • HDP 1

    -For beginners with no experience, Goal: Develop good body positioning and body control, Concept of gliding, & Introduce the concept of edges and how they work on the ice

  • HDP 2

    -Goal: Develop striding leg power stride, weight transfer, Continue working on body position, Develop
    use of edges and methods of turning, & Introduce stick handling and incorporation of stick in strides

  • HDP 3

    -Goal: Review power skating, Develop forward edge control, Develop backward stopping skills,
    Develop backward turning skills, & further develop stick handling and further integrate with skating

  • HDP 4

    -Goal: Develop explosive skating, Develop backward edge control, Develop backward to forward
    turning skills, & Further develop stick handling and further integrate with skating

  • HDP 5

    -Goal: Further develop explosive skating stride, Develop advanced edge control and skating agility, & Develop advanced stick handling skills and maneuvering


$90 for Spring Session 1 & $90 for Spring Session 2 (Both are 5 week sessions)

    • *Price includes skate rental, as well as a 30 minute class with a professional coach.
    • *HDP 2 through 5 require full player gear
    • *Jr. Warriors Hockey Development Program is not only for beginners wanting to learn how to play
    • hockey but, it is also for the player who wants to hone in on their abilities without having to pay the
    • price of a private skating coach.


Now Accepting Registrations for both Spring Session 1 & Spring Session 2!

Download our registration form HERE! If you have questions regarding any of the information on this page, please contact Cassidy Hudkins at or (360) 479-7465.